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 Arzel ezyslide damper

 EzySlide: Branch and Trunk Retrofit-Friendly Dampers

The patented EzySlide dampers are the cornerstone of the Arzel comfort solution offerings. The unique motorless design uses low pressure air supplied by Arzel control panels. The EzySlide dampers are the most reliable, easy to install dampers on the market today as they insert into existing duct work, making them ideal for retrofit applications.

Dampers are controlled using color-coded PVC or Plenum rated tubing, making future zone changes simple and easy. Due to the flexibility and simplicity of Arzel's damper installation, contractors are able to branch or trunk damper based on the application and homeowner's lifestyle pattern.

EzySlide Damper Features

  • Round sizes for 4" to 16"
  • Rectagular sizes 4" to 48"
  • 3/4" gasket for a tight seal
  • 75 sizes in stock ready for immediate shipment
  • Custom shapes and sizes availabe in 24 hours


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 HeatPumPro: Efficient Zone Control for Any Application

Arzel's HeatPumPro is the latest in zoning control technology as it boasts a software driven panel and built-in staging feature. The technology is the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting the maximum efficiency out of heat pump systems. Additionally, the HeatPumPro provides all the features and control scenarios needed for most equipment including furnace, A/C, geothermal, dual fuel applications and is the best control for variable speed equipment.

The HeatPumPro is perfect for retrofit and new construction zoning applications. It is a great fit even on single stage equipment as if the homeowner upgrades to new, high efficiency equipment the HeatPumPro will only need to be re-programmed, not replaced.

In many cases, especially with variable speed equpment, the HeatPumPro can reduce the need for a bypass on a system. For more information on bypassing, download the Arzel Bypass Calculator here.

HeatPumPro Features

  • Set-Up Wizard makes commissioning possible with the touch of a button; custom defaults are stored in memory.
  • SmartStaging works automatically and can be based on either demand or capacity requirements.
  • Zone Weight features minimizes bypass requirements by controlling fan speed independently on variable speed equipment.
  • USB port to install new software or to download history.
  • Built-in outdoor reset, balance point, resistance lockout, emergency and auxiliary heat controls.

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